We are trying to use this system to help make scheduling for new and current riders and rescheduling makeups more transparent.  Please be aware that we may have bugs to work out. Speaking directly to Lisa is always the easiest way to clarify.

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Please Note: When you are making up a lesson, you can join your current level but not a level above without Lisa’s permission. Thank you.  Please text or email with any questions.

Terms and Conditions:
The customer is responsible for the lessons scheduled and will be billed accordingly.

I (rider and parents or guardians as applicable), recognize the inherent (existing) risks of injury involved in horseback riding generally and in learning to ride in particular. I also recognize the inherent risks of injury involved in working and around any animals.
In riding, taking lessons or participating in clinics or any other equestrian events or activities at Bonnie Lea Farm, I ASSUME ANY SUCH RISK OF INJURY AND FURTHERMORE, I VOLUNTARILY RELEASE ALL DEMAYO’S, BONNIE LEA INTRUCTORS, EMPLOYEES, OR ANY AGENTS, ETC. on account of any such claim.
I ALSO UNDERSTAND THE RIDER MUST BE ABLE TO COMPREHEND INSTRUCTION and listen to those in charge to keep safety as a top priority at all times. Anyone unable to comply with the rules will be excused.
Medical Authorization: In the event this student requires emergency medical treatment on account of any accident or injury at DeMayo’s Bonnie Lea Farm or a related function, DeMayos, Instructors, or agents are given full authority to provide all such necessary emergency medical treatment for the student including anesthesia if the family cannot be reached.

“Warning: Under Massachusetts law, an equine professional is not liable for injury to, or the death of, a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities, pursuant to section 2D of chapter 128 of the General Laws.”

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