Newest Rescue at Home

Whiskey, the big draft that joined us at BLF in October, has settled in very well.  He has been eating hay and grain and has been gaining weight at a good pace. He loves being around other horses and seems to be very happy. At this point, he shares turnout with the NY State rescue, that is still with us.

Thank you to the many people that have contacted us to see how they can help Whiskey.  An extra BIG THANK YOU to those of you that have brought grain and hay for Whiskey. We greatly appreciate your support to get him back to health and happiness. Whiskey’s case is interesting. Before letting his horse get even worse, the owner decided the best thing to do was to hand him over legally and have him placed with us.  His care is significant and we are very appreciative of the help we have received. Drafts are big eaters! Next up for Whiskey – he will need his feet done and be wormed.

Picking up Whiskey was a very emotional and hard time. His owner obviously loved the horse and realized that he no longer had the ability to care for him as he needed. This is a very hard decision to make and yet critical for the survival of the animal. He loaded on the trailer with little trouble and traveled well. When we got him back to BLF and he got off the trailer, he was instantly animated at the sight and smells of other horses. Although he had immediate access to food, he was more interested in making friends with those in neighboring paddocks. We should have taken video to share. It was beautiful. People tend to forget that horses are herd animals. They want to be with other horses. It was very clear that Whiskey was happy to make friends.