Williams Team

We are excited that you will be riding this fall! Here are some details before your arrival. 

Students have two options – joining the Williams Equestrian Team or riding for PE credit.


  • ALL levels are welcome to join the team. We need beginners and levels all the way to open.
  • All riders must get their baseline concussion test at the Health Center prior to the first ride.
  • You must sign a waiver prior to riding. If under 18, must be signed by a parent or guardian.
  • Arrive at least 30 minutes prior to any lesson and expect to take at least 30 minutes after your lesson to properly untack and care for the horse. 
  • Lessons are $65 each if paid in a pack of 10 at the START of the semester. You can buy additional packs once you use your first ten. Lessons not paid prior to start are $85 each after the first lesson. Financial aid may be available for those on the team but is not for those riding only for PE credit. PE Credit is available for 10 lessons.
  • Team members will have a minimum of 2 lessons per week in order to be on the team and attend shows. 
  • Invoices can be sent to parents but riders are responsible for getting the contact information (Name and email) to Lisa before your first lesson. 
  • A minimum of 24 hour notice must be given for cancellations. Lesson makeups must be rescheduled. NO refunds will be given for missed lessons.
  • PLEASE DO NOT text me after 10 pm unless you have an actual emergency. Please send me an email should you need to send a message. Because I am responsible for so many animals 24/7, I am unable to silence my phone.
  • Text Lisa at four one three 44one 6349 to arrange lesson schedules. 

For Safety: 

  • Riders need proper fitting helmets which must be worn when mounted. Some are available but having your own is encouraged. Those showing need black or dark gray.
  • Riders need boots with a small heel. No sandals or open toed shoes on the farm.
  • Riders need to wear full length pants that don’t cause rubs. Breeches, jodhpurs or riding tights are ideal, but for beginners, leggings and athletic pants are better than jeans with inner thigh seams. 
  • Half-chaps are helpful for those that are riding regularly. 
  • Those on the riding team that intend to show will need tall boots and breeches. Ask Lisa for a trainer card (gift card) if you plan to go to Dover Saddlery in Latham, NY to shop.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Lisa DeMayo, Coach Ana Sanchez de Lozada (’25), Captain99-0191
demayolisa at gmail dot com             as57 at williams dot edu


The team rides and shows in the fall AND spring semesters.


  • Be a team member! This is not just about you. Plan ahead and arrange your schedules accordingly. This is a commitment to yourself, the coach, and the team. 
  • Immediately schedule your baseline concussion test at health services. You may not ride until this is completed.
  • Participate in the team tryout/placement ride. 
  • Ride in a minimum of 2 lessons a week to be on the team and attend shows. Additional riding encouraged.
  • Attend every show (riding or not).
  • There is a strict no refund policy on all lessons and leasing. Financial aid riders may be charged for their share should they not follow through with the commitment. 
  • Properly care for horses and equipment before and after EVERY ride. 
  • Assist team members with shining boots, mounting, holding horses, etc. at shows.
  • Join IHSA online at the first team meeting or with the assistance of a team captain. The coach will approve those eligible.
  • Riders will purchase or borrow proper show attire. Those showing need to have their own black or dark gray helmets. 
  • Riders will be respectful of coaches, IHSA members, barn staff & customers, and show officials. Unsportsmanlike conduct is grounds for dismissal.


  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to your lesson to properly groom and tack up. Everyone will need to attend a session on expectations for grooming and care prior to starting lessons.
  • Mount your horse 5 minutes prior to lesson start, to adjust stirrup leathers and begin to walk. Ask permission to enter the ring should a lesson be ending or mount outside the ring if appropriate. Beginners can bring horses with halters and leads if unable to properly bridle and will mount with instructor’s supervision at the start of lessons. 
  • Plan for caring for your horse after the lesson for approximately 30 minutes.
    • TIE your horse in the stall.
    • Untack.
    • Properly groom/bathe.
    • Clean your tack.
    • Properly return tack to tack room and put away grooming tools.

TEAM SHOW (Annual October Home Show)

  • Help the team with tasks such as buying awards, hiring the judge, preparing judge’s cards, writing thank you notes to the stewards, etc.
  • Expect to help bathe and groom horses the day prior to the show.
  • Arrive early to tack up and assist warm up riders as needed.
  • Hold horses between your classes.
  • Assist your team members in mounting, etc.
  • Run ribbons, judges cards, ETC.

Cabinets are available in the middle barn for storing some gear. You may borrow a bike for the semester. You are responsible for locking the bike and taking care of tires, etc.

Trail Riding for Mountain Day!
Perhaps a different bridle for a very good boy!