What Are Your Horse Show Plans?

Showing with BLF

At BLF, we will not require anyone to show, nor will we pressure riders by asking. ALL riders are always welcome to show, so please let us know if you are interested. We have included a list of shows to let you know what is available, but we feel strongly that riders and parents need to speak to us so that we do not push a big financial decision on you. Again, all BLF riders are always welcome to show and we welcome your questions and discussion of what works for you or your child.

If you or your rider is interested in showing, there are a lot of little things to learn so the experience is more fun and meaningful. A rider can choose to show or not to show, go to one show a year, or sign up for every show that BLF is attending. Everyone has different budgets and time available. This information is intended to help you understand a little more about showing so you can decide what is right for you or your family. Often students who are curious about showing start with our annual show, which is historically the last Sunday in June or first Sunday in July.

Every horse show has entry fees for each class (usually $15-$35 per class), office fees ($15-$25 average) and sometimes warm up fees ($15-25). WNE-PHA and MHC affiliated shows each have a $1 fee mandated by the organizations. These organizations have annual dues ($30ish) and year-end awards based on accumulated points throughout the show season. Western New England Professional Horsemen’s Association (WNE-PHA) is the most local and typically the first affiliation that those showing choose. Others include MHC, NEHC, and USEF. In order to go into a Medal Class, you must be affiliated with the stated organization in the prize list (class listings).

On each show’s entry blank, students (youth and adults) are asked to have their coach/trainer sign, in addition to the parent (if under 18) and horse owner. For safety and growth as an equestrian, it is important to have your coach with you.

A newer rider usually rides in one division consisting of 3 or 4 classes. An intermediate rider will often show in one or two divisions: an equitation division and a hunter or pleasure division. An advanced rider may enter more classes or ride more than one horse.

Available shows will be listed ahead of time in the barn and sign-up with your instructor is required. We ask that parents sign the entry forms a week ahead so we can plan trucking and staff accordingly. Starting in 2018, the larger shows are requiring chipping in order to insure that horses have been vaccinated and are healthy.

Here is a printable version with associated costs for 2018:
2018 Showing with BLF

This year’s horse show list is in the barn. Please speak to Lisa if you have any questions.