Becoming a More Confident Rider

I always love to watch the satisfaction of riders when they overcome a new challenge, have that ‘aha’ moment or a ‘first’ experience. Watching from the sidelines as a parent, must be a bit overwhelming if you didn’t grow up on a horse. I know it can be alarming, even if you did. However, I find an amazing sense of calm when watching my sister teach her students, including my own children.

Recently, while doing night chores, I was lucky enough to see a young student canter for the first time. Her smile said it all. That night, her confidence grew as much as her love of horses. I could not help but watch as Lisa’s voice extended the confidence to the rider as she explained the mechanics. Lisa matched the right school horse with the rider to ensure success and continued learning.

I should assume that after 30 years of teaching, she has a tried and true method but I still remain in awe of my sister, Lisa. She supports riders in putting all the pieces together so they have the skills to recreate, to practice, and to take things to the next level. She teaches equitation and horsemanship and in expecting students to give it their best, instills a lifetime of skills that can be applied to all aspects of life.

For the rider that night, it is only the beginning. She has the bug and natural talent. She is already spending more time at the barn to help with chores. I have no doubt she will soon be very comfortable at the canter and look forward to watching another lesson.