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COVID-19 Barn Procedures


We are hoping everyone is safe and healthy. The state has allowed lessons to start this week and requires new regulations that need to be followed in order for the farm to open for Phase 1 and hopefully progress to Phase 2, allowing summer programming. We have compiled a list of new protocols that must be followed for BLF to remain open. PLEASE, read the information and include any younger riders in reviewing the information.

BLF will have a QR Code that needs to be scanned with your phone camera to open the electronic guest book that will allow us to stay in compliance with the state’s mandated arrival and departure log. Riding times remain scheduled to 2 hour slots to control the number of people at the farm in accordance with the state’s regulations.

Riders must remain 6 feet apart and wear masks. The only time masks can be removed is just prior to mounting in the outdoor ring. They must be replaced after dismounting.

We are also asking all lesson and lease riders to take tack trunks home until further notice. Since nothing can be shared and we are mandated to keep equipment separate, riders who have their own grooming tools should bring them to and from the farm daily, along with helmets. The BLF string bags or back packs should work. Be sure to mark your things and bring a water bottle with you daily.

These are some of the most significant change but the attached documents have more information. Please let us know if you have any questions. We anticipate that the protocols may have to be changed as we move forward and will do our best to keep everyone informed.


Full Week Programs Filled

Our full week summer programs are filled. There are a couple of slots available for the June 26-28 session as well as the more advanced July 1-3 session, which is limited to those that can jump.

Please visit the Summer programs Page for more details.


The winter cold has come and gone and returned again. Please be sure to send your young riders with layers and gloves. We will insist they put their coats on when they are in and out of barns with only a single layer.

As for the horses, thank you to our wonderful barn family that assists in the blanket changes. It makes it easier for everyone when we help each other out.

Be sure to text Lisa if you or your youth rider won’t be riding due to the cold. Stay warm!

Fall Lesson Schedule

Be sure to check in with Lisa about your lesson schedule. The first few weeks of September are always a little crazy with school back in session.

PLEASE NOTE: NO LESSONS due to horse shows an GMHA trail ride for adults.

No lessons September 7 and 8.

No Lessons September 26-30.

No Lessons Friday, September 21 or Sat. Sept 22.

Soy FREE Feed – Board at BLF

Why board at Bonnie Lea? We are so committed to the wellbeing of horses that we have been leading the charge for soy free grain. We now feed a soy free pellet and/or soy free sweet according to our horses different needs.

We started last fall and removed soy from almost all of our horses feed. Gut health was the biggest reason for us to make the changes but the results have been outstanding. Metabolic horse? Cushings? Ulcers? Girthy? Dull coat? Tucked up? Mechanical issues? Let’s talk.

The results have been even better than we expected. Want to know more, please come speak to us about boarding at BLF and the benefits of soy free feed.

BLF AEL Team Success At Nationals

The Bonnie Lea Athletic Equestrian League Team had an outstanding day at the AEL National Competition. Three of the seven riders won their divisions for the day. Each division includes a flat class, over fences/pattern class and a practicum that tests horsemanship knowledge.

Coach Lisa said she was incredibly proud of all of her riders. Everyone had solid rides and learned something from the day. The team members and families reported that they had tons of fun and cannot wait to start up the new AEL year.

AEL registrations start in June. Bonnie Lea hopes to host one or two AEL shows in the coming AEL year. Contact us for more information.

BLF AEL Team Heading to AEL Nationals!

On May 12, seven BLF AEL Team riders will be heading to the Athletic Equestrian League’s National Competition hosted at Mount Holyoke College.

We wish each rider luck in her/his flat class, fences and practicums!

With the first year almost complete, we are already looking forward to our second year of AEL competitions. Want to learn more about the AEL? Visit our AEL page and  the AEL website –  New youth and adult members are welcome.