Spring is Coming!!

It is hard to believe that spring is coming when it is 12 degrees out right now… but it is officially only 34 days away. That means we really need to know if you are planning to show this spring, summer and/or fall. We are already busy looking at the show schedules for GMHA, Saratoga, PHA, etc. Be sure to speak to Lisa and let you know your goals for the summer. Perhaps you want to try a home show at BLF, or progress to a PHA show or two, or challenge yourself to a new experience (or return to) a multi-day show.

There are QR codes in the barn to join GroupMe texts message groups for general BLF, lessons, showing and boarders. Please download the GroupMe app so we can improve communication and share more information! We hope to hold a zoom meeting soon to share information and answer questions about showing, etc. Think Spring!