COVID-19 Barn Procedures


We are hoping everyone is safe and healthy. The state has allowed lessons to start this week and requires new regulations that need to be followed in order for the farm to open for Phase 1 and hopefully progress to Phase 2, allowing summer programming. We have compiled a list of new protocols that must be followed for BLF to remain open. PLEASE, read the information and include any younger riders in reviewing the information.

BLF will have a QR Code that needs to be scanned with your phone camera to open the electronic guest book that will allow us to stay in compliance with the state’s mandated arrival and departure log. Riding times remain scheduled to 2 hour slots to control the number of people at the farm in accordance with the state’s regulations.

Riders must remain 6 feet apart and wear masks. The only time masks can be removed is just prior to mounting in the outdoor ring. They must be replaced after dismounting.

We are also asking all lesson and lease riders to take tack trunks home until further notice. Since nothing can be shared and we are mandated to keep equipment separate, riders who have their own grooming tools should bring them to and from the farm daily, along with helmets. The BLF string bags or back packs should work. Be sure to mark your things and bring a water bottle with you daily.

These are some of the most significant change but the attached documents have more information. Please let us know if you have any questions. We anticipate that the protocols may have to be changed as we move forward and will do our best to keep everyone informed.