Keep BLF Safe!

In light of the recent increase in COVID cases in youth programs in Berkshire county, we urge all of our riders to revisit and adhere our protocols including disinfecting your space and tools before and after riding and cleaning shared tack.

It is absolutely essential that anyone with children or siblings that attended any programs with a positive COVID case self quarantine for a minimum of 14 days and get tested prior to returning to BLF. We appreciate your adherence to our protocols and those of the state. We can get through this together if we keep BLF a safe place!

Everyone knows these are unprecedented times. We are all learning as we are going. At the farm we already had some protocols in place but with new state mandates and phased reopening of Western MA, we have expanded the protocol to include the following. Please keep in mind that these guidelines may have to change as we move forward through the summer.

  1. All people arriving and departing must use the mandated, electronic guest book available through the QR codes available at gate and barn entrances. Use your phone to open link to the log. You may also use this link to log in.
  2. Anyone that is sick should stay home. Anyone confirmed to have COVID-19 or a household member with COVID-19 should inform Lisa immediately so state mandated protocols can be followed. ALSO anyone with a household member who has been placed on a post-exposure self-quarantine must notify Lisa immediately and remain home for the duration of the household quarantine.
  3. Riders must come wearing masks and gloves. While riding gloves or work gloves may not keep germs from our skin, it helps to keep us from touching our faces. Hand washing and sanitizing will still be necessary and part of our routine. Masks may be removed while riding in outdoor ring but should be kept in pocket to put on upon dismounting.
  4. Riders will remain at least 6 feet from other people at the farm, both in the barns and outside the barns. Riders that cannot maintain a safe distance from others will be asked to leave until further notice, no refunds will be available.
  5. Wash hands frequently. The main barn has a bathroom with sink and hand soap. Hand sanitizer will be available in all of the barns. Riders are encouraged to carry their own personal hand sanitizer.
  6. Latches, doorknobs, tools and bathroom fixtures will be disinfected multiple times a day.  The chore chart will be updated to include daily disinfectant times by staff. Help is encouraged. Everyone should disinfect what she/he has touched after use. All tack must be wiped down with leather soap after every use.
  7. Only one person at a time will be allowed in a tack room. Do not congregate near grain bin in main barn.
  8. Horses will be groomed and tacked up in the stall or outside, NOT in aisles on cross-ties.
  9. Riders will bring their tools, helmets and gear with them each day. Tack trunks belonging to lesson or lease riders must be taken home until further notice. Backpacks or string bags are plenty big enough for grooming tools.
  10. Each rider will only use her or his own grooming tools. If the rider does not have any, she/he will be assigned a set while at the farm. Any assigned sets will be sprayed with a disinfectant prior to assignment. The rider is responsible for bringing equipment daily.
  11. Helmets will not be shared. Ideally, riders will arrive with helmets and boots. If a rider needs to borrow a helmet or boots from the swap shed, it will be disinfected before use and should be arranged before lesson.  BLF equipment will be the responsibility of the rider for the time at the farm, will be taken home daily and returned to before final departure. For equipment, contact Dover Saddlery, Latham NY [(518) 690-9461] or Whitman’s Feed, North Bennington VT [(802) 442-2851].
  12. Anyone bringing food or drink from home will carry in and carry out so we can avoid having excess touching of garbage can lids and trash floating about the yards.
  13. Because of the need to limit the number of people at the farm at one time, those who own or lease will have very specific times to be at the farm. It is important that everyone sticks to the schedule to ensure safety and accessibility for everyone.