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Leasing Packages

New lease deals are available at Bonnie Lea farm!

All leases include one lesson per lease per week (so, if you are leasing 2 horses, 2 lessons a week are immediately included.) With any lease, you are welcome to stop by any time that we’re around to visit with your horse. A lease is perfect for an adult who’s ready to get back into riding but isn’t ready to buy a horse, or for a young rider ready to take the next step from just a weekly lesson. Bonnie Lea has lease packages and horses available for all ages, skill levels and sizes.

Leasing is also a useful way to “test-drive” a horse. If you’d like to buy, but not sure if you could handle the responsibility, lease for a month or more to be sure! Or, if you’d like the experience of owning a horse without the stress,  then a lease is for you!

“Free ride” days allow the leaser to come on their designated day (they can work out a schedule with Lisa or with the owner of the horse) and ride their horse. The rider can groom, tack up, and ride without needing to be in a group lesson, and, skill level permitting (must be approved), may be able to jump with peer supervision for safety. Free-ride days allow the rider to practice the skills they learn in their weekly lessons.

Part Lease. For $400-500 a month*, one lesson is included per week with 2 “free-ride” days. This type of lease is best for advanced-beginner riders, or for adult beginners, to better their basic skills in a safe environment.

Half Lease. For $500-600 a month*, one lesson is included per week with 4-5 “free-ride” days. This type of lease is best for intermediate to advanced riders who have other commitments (job, school, work) but still love to ride.

Full Lease. For $600+ a month*, one lesson is included per week, and there are unlimited “free-ride” days. A full lease covers the basic costs of owning a horse, so the rider gets all the benefits of owning a horse without the worry. This type of lease in best for intermediate to advanced riders who are committed to riding or are just really good at juggling a busy schedule!

However, whatever your decision, Lisa can match you with a horse that’s perfect for you. Stop by or call for more information about leasing one of our amazing horses!

*PRICES VARY with demand/use of the horse.

Spring Special

We are pleased to announce a one time special rate of ten lessons for $250. Please prepay to recieve this discount. Speak to Lisa for more information.

Also, for more information on the June Greg Best Clinic, please see the Clinic section of the website.

Busy Winter

It has been a busy winter and we haven’t updated you on too many details lately. The most exciting news for us is that Greg Best will be returning June 19-21. More details to come on the Greg Best Clinic and things going on at the barn. In the meantime, stay warm. Although we just got hit with more snow, spring is just around the corner!

An Amazing Monday

Thank you to all of you who supported the fund raiser that the Nicastro Family hosted at their restaurant, Isabella’s. Great food and great people made for a wonderful event. Our hearts continue to be filled with love and support from our amazing community.

More details to come…

With Endless Thanks

Dear Friends, Family and Community,

As many of you may know, one of Bonnie Lea Farm’s barns was recently hit by lightning and burned to the ground. Miraculously, no humans or animals were injured during the fire. On behalf of the entire DeMayo Family and Bonnie Lea Farm, I would like to thank the many people who have come forth to assist us through this traumatic event. We greatly appreciate the response from the Williamstown, Pownal and Clarksburg fire departments. Without their rapid response and great care, we could have easily have lost two adjacent barns or even the house. The arrival of the fire fighters brought us such relief during a chaotic time.

In addition to the fire departments, we would like to thank the community for the many expressions of support and love. The outpouring of generosity has been a humbling experience. We are blessed to have such special friends and family.

With all that is in front of us we could not have imagined making such progress to date. It is due to the wonderful volunteers of all ages and their great support that we have been able to clean up the site enough to start building again. With thanks to Jim Galusha and his guys the site is level! With thanks to Ron Baldwin and committed volunteers, we have started rebuilding! Working nights and weekends, a small barn is almost complete. This barn will provide some immediate storage for winter hay and replace 4 of the 15 stalls that were lost. As we move forward, the rebuilding will continue in stages as we are able. As you might imagine, there are hundreds of people to thank and the list is growing! We will try to keep you posted on our web site Bonnielea.com.

Thank you to all who have kept us in your thoughts and prayers as we continue to recover from our loss. Your words of hope and inspiration have helped us pick up the pieces as we move into a new chapter at Bonnie Lea Farm.

With gratitude,
Lisa DeMayo
On Behalf of the entire DeMayo Family and BLF

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