Summer Program Schedule

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2016 HORSE & FARM Programs

With growing interest in riding and showing, we are changing our schedule a bit this summer to meet the needs of our current and returning riders. We offer lessons and leasing year-round. This summer will also include 3 weeks of our HORSE PROGRAM and 4 weeks of our FARM PROGRAM, with optional riding lessons for full day farm program participants.

By offering our Farm Program, students can start at a younger age to learn about the skills farmers AND dedicated equestrians (riders) need to be successful. There are numerous competencies that farming and farm animals teach us. Many of our farm program participants go on to learn to ride with greater confidence and skill due to their summer experiences.

Sarah on Foxy2

Horse Program Weeks
June 20
July 25
August 22

Farm Program Weeks
July 5* (special schedule)
July 18
August 15
August 29

 We hope you can join us!

At Bonnie Lea Farm, children and teens are compassionate, responsible, confident leaders who learn the farm work ethic.

We believe the true farm experience teaches important values and life skills while having fun. The summer experiences at Bonnie Lea Farm allow complete immersion in the care and nurturing of the horses and other animals that depend on us for survival. For over 40 years, kids have grown up at BLF and love to “come home” as often as possible to reconnect. We look forward to your family joining ours.